Dethroning Allan, Week Sixteen

We’re now officially 2/3 of the way through the regular season, and things are becoming quite clear. Rays Those Cowbells and Believe The Hype are done. The October Boys are on life support, and team Stogies and Panda the Hammer are on the outside looking in and will need help to get in the final four.

If you weren’t named in that paragraph, congratulations! You’re officially a contender and are in great shape heading into the stretch drive. Must be a nice feeling, I wouldn’t know.

Let’s get to some rankings.


Week Sixteen Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- What do you know, a loss. I guess he is human after all. Dealt from his absurdly good pitching staff and brought in Todd Frazier to boost his lineup. The rich get richer.

2) Yankeehaters- A four game winning streak is always nice. Dave will mostly just be doing some fine tuning from here out. He’ll be in the final four.

3) sportsmanMike- Had a strong week and took a tough loss. Has a two game lead on a playoff spot with eight games remaining. Barring a total collapse, this team is good enough to get in and be a factor when he does.

4) Love Boat Captains- Had an amazing week and dispatched a really strong sportsmanMike team. As predicted, the Fried Chicken division will soon be in her grasp.

5) Stogies- Had a great week and took down the #1 team in the power rankings. Does this team have enough to steal the Fried Chicken division?

6) Panda the Hammer- A three game win streak has vaulted this team back into the race. Made a really nice trade today and brought in Carlos Gomez to strengthen the offense. Still needs alot of help to get past the teams in front of him.

7) RedRays- Taking on water faster than the Titanic. A four game skid is coming at the worst possible time, and if he doesn’t turn things around in a hurry, there won’t be meaningful September games for team RedRays.

8) The October Boys- Scored only 234 points in a victory this week. This years version of the October Boys just doesn’t seem to have what it takes.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Fantasy Football draft is Sunday, September 6th.

10) Believe The Hype- Is Adrian Peterson worth the #1 overall pick coming off an entire year off? That’s the question facing Allan as he preps for Fantasy Football.


Game of the Week

Stogies vs Yankeehaters

The Dave’s square off. A game team Stogies really can’t afford to lose.

Game of the Weak

Rays Those Cowbells vs Believe The Hype

Could it possibly get any more mediocre than this? It’s the battle for who sucks a little bit less! Yay?


Good luck to everyone in Week 17.


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