Dethroning Allan, Week Nineteen

The wheels continue to turn as we get closer to the playoffs. Mike got the biggest win of his career here in league, ending the four game winning streak of the Love Boat Captains and staying a game ahead of the suddenly surging Panda the Hammer squad. Rays Those Cowbells waxed another opponent and took the lead in the season scoring race, and Dave put a stamp on his trade deadline victory by getting amazing performances by all his acquisitions.

It’s getting late, and no more trades can be made. This is crunch time in the fantasy season, it’s all about mastering the waiver wire and setting the right lineup. Now what do you say we get to some rankings?


Week Nineteen Power Rankings

1) Yankeehaters- Another week, another new number one. I think I can say with certainty that if Dave were still writing the fantasy reviews, it wouldn’t have taken 19 weeks for the Yankeehaters to reach the #1 spot for the first time. But this new #1 team might have some staying power. He really did get a lot better at the deadline. But I can’t have this post be all positive, so I’ll say on record that I still don’t trust your pitching.

2) Love Boat Captains- All is still well in the LBC camp, just lost to a sportsmanMike team that needed the victory a lot more than she did. Can pretty much end my playoff hopes with a victory this week, and don’t think she doesn’t know that. I’ll get her best game this week. Count on it.

3) sportsmanMike- I really do love it when a trade works out for both teams. Team sportsmanMike got like 75 points combined from the three pitchers I sent him and added to his depth, and Chris Sale carried my squad this week with a 60 point performance and we both got victories. That’s how trading should be done. Fair and balanced, not with an eye to milk as much as possible out of your trade partner (Dave).

4) WillisBeTheYear- It’s crazy to me that three weeks ago this was looking like one of the best teams this league had ever seen. He better hope he has another run in him and didn’t peak too early. It doesn’t get any easier as he’s got a hugely tough game with the Yankeehaters this week. I don’t know who Raisel Iglesias is, but I hope it works out for you.

5) Panda the Hammer- I’ve never met Sam in person before, but I’m pretty sure if I do, he gets to punch me in the face. For most of the season I was ragging on his team and saying that he was out of it. Now he looks like the team on the outside in most likely to grab a playoff spot. Good on you, I’ll probably never doubt you again.

6) Rays Those Cowbells- I have a slim outside shot at the playoffs, but that’s not really what’s important to me. I want to win the season scoring title, so I have an excuse and a comeback when everyone makes fun of me next spring for having a lousy season.

7) RedRays- Have a great week, get back in it. Have a bad week, fall back out of it. Rinse, Repeat.

8) The October Boys- To be fair, he does have a two game winning streak going. When was it that Eric Hosmer became the best first baseman in baseball? I must have missed that party.

9) Stogies- What is going on with King Felix this season? Only 16 quality starts? An ERA over 3.60? This is not the king we know. And it’s a shame too, because this team traded Bryce Harper to get him.

10) Believe The Hype- His brother keeping Adrian Peterson really complicates things with his first overall pick. Eddie Lacy is a safe choice, but does he have enough of a “wow” factor to be first overall?


Game of the Week

Panda the Hammer vs sportsmanMike

The Yankeehaters and WillisBeTheYear showdown is huge, but this game might decide who gets the fourth playoff spot. Probably the most important game of the season up to this point.


Good luck to everyone in Week 20.

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