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Dethroning Allan, The Final Four

Well it’s that time of year, and I won’t be apart of it. I finished just short of the playoffs. I’m pretty bummed and really wanted to be apart of the final four, but this post isn’t about me. Congratulations to our four playoff teams. The Yankeehaters, WillisBeTheYear, sportsmanMike and the Love Boat Captains. Now the that pleasantries are over, who has the edge in the chase for the championship?

WillisBeTheYear vs Love Boat Captains

Willis fell just short in his bid for the #1 seed, and his reward is a showdown with the playoff tested Love Boat Captains. You can easily tell that Ginger is a playoff veteran, as she started her absolute best team, rather than load up on mediocre two starters like Brett Anderson. The LBC’s never got Giancarlo Stanton back, which hurts, but Kendrys Morales and Carlos Gonzalez have been borderline hero’s for her off the waiver wire. Willis on the other hand did get his injured Marlins superstar back, as Jose Fernandez returned just in the time to help with his push for the title. This will be a balanced, competitive game. Six PSR’s a piece, and offensive talent all over the place. I’m looking forward to this one. Ultimately? I think two home starts from Dallas Keuchel, where he is 13-0 with a 1.47 ERA, will make the difference in this match-up. He could put up 60 points.

Prediction: WillisBeTheYear in a squeaker.


sportsmanMike vs Yankeehaters

This is the moment that Mike has been waiting for. His first fantasy baseball playoff game! I’m starting to think that Mike picked up Chris Heston just so Dave couldn’t pick him up and slide him into his RP slot to use against him. Smart move. Dave on the other hand is taking the Ginger approach, going with his five best starting pitchers, content to go into the game with only five PSR’s rather than try to load up on mediocre pitchers who start twice. Dave also showed his playoff experience in setting up his offense. Albert Pujols and Adam Jones are big names that helped the Yankeehaters a lot this year, but Dave knows that the playoffs are a 7 day sprint. You can’t afford to have injured or slumping superstars slow you down. Ultimately? I think Dave has the better team, but it’s all about the match-up that week. Mike has the talent and the PSR’s advantage to get his first playoff win.

Prediction: sportsmanMike pulls off the upset


I wanted to be a part of this so badly, but it wasn’t meant to be this season. Good luck to everyone still alive! It’s time to start the drive for the title!

Dethroning Allan, Week Twenty Three

Ah here we are… The final week of the regular season. As much fun as fantasy baseball can be, there’s always a sense of relief when it nears it’s end. Six months of daily updates, trade talks and research. Fantasy Baseball is such a grind!

Things couldn’t be more simple heading into the final week. Team sportsmanMike locked up his long elusive spot in the playoffs, leaving us with only one thing left to decide. Will the Love Boat Captains or Rays Those Cowbells complete the final four? Let’s get some rankings before lineups lock!


Week Twenty Three Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Now in position to clinch the #1 seed with a victory.

2) Yankeehaters- Who does Dave want to play? Beating Rays Those Cowbells clinches Ginger a spot… But are you sure that’s who you want to play in round one?

3) sportsmanMike- Into the playoffs for the first time, congratulations! Mike is locked into the #4 seed no matter what happens, and a dangerous #4 seed he makes.

4) Love Boat Captains- Has by far the easier path to the playoffs. All she needs is a win, or a Rays Those Cowbells loss. Ginger could even get in with a loss and an RTC win, provided she outscores me by more than 60 points.

5) Rays Those Cowbells- Well here we go, at least it’s a chance. When you start 5-11, what more can you ask for? Even if Ginger wins, I’d really love to finish with an 8-game win streak and a winning record.  And if Ginger somehow loses… I can’t give Dave the satisfaction of giving me the death blow. I must win! Find a way!

6) Panda the Hammer- If it’s any consolation, even if you were in the other division you’d still be eliminated. Your low point total hurts in the long run. Still, this is a good team.

7) Stogies- Pitching killed him all year. Maybe next year he loads up on the arms early?

8) The October Boys- There is no team I’m more confident will bounce back next season then this one.

9) RedRays- Hard to believe at one point this team was 9-8 and spent the majority of the season in the top half of the power rankings.

10) Believe The Hype- Shock the world Allan, I believe in you! I’m really happy Sonny Gray is starting twice. Even though your encore season didn’t go the way you wanted, you were a great champion. And nobody can ever take Javier away from you.


Game of the Week

Believe The Hype vs Love Boat Captains

What else could it be? Can Ginger clinch on her own terms? I wouldn’t bet against her.


The Final Four





Good luck to Allan in Week 24!!

Dethroning Allan, Week Twenty Two

An exciting Week 21 is in the books and we learned a few things worth noting. WillisBeTheYear is into the final four, Panda the Hammer is finished, Rays Those Cowbells is still alive and the Love Boat Captains don’t like the RedRays very much. But the games are starting early on this Labor Day, let’s quickly get to some rankings shall we?


Week Twenty Two Power Rankings

1) Yankeehaters- I wonder if Dave would rather play the other division winner or the last Wild Card team in the playoffs? He’s fighting for the #1 seed now, and who you play in the first round could be the difference between playing for the title or an early exit.

2) WillisBeTheYear- Into the playoffs officially, congratulations. How good has Dallas Keuchel been this year? AL CY Young perhaps? Great mid-round draft pick.

3) sportsmanMike- Dug deep, WAY deep and got a huge win over the #1 team. He’s right there on the edge of officially clinching a spot and I hope he closes the deal. It’s been a special season for team sportsmanMike, but there’s still work to be done. Stay focused.

4) Love Boat Captains- How strong is the top of this league that you can score 438 (438!) points and not move up a spot? But there’s no room for error now, any loss could open the door for Rays Those Cowbells.

5) Rays Those Cowbells- The LONG LONG LONG journey to .500 is finally over. But no time to relax now, I’m in full on grind mode. Any loss probably eliminates me. Dave rooting against me so hard has given me extra motivation to take this all the way to the final four.

6) Panda the Hammer- A tough loss to Rays Those Cowbells will end his ride. Still has a good team and competed his butt off this year.

7) Stogies- Every time this team looked like getting back into it, they would get blown out. More consistency will be needed as he prepares for next year.

8) The October Boys- This team struggles a lot of weeks but is always a threat to pop off and explode for a huge week. I’m really hoping it’s this week against the Love Boat Captains.

9) RedRays- With games against Rays Those Cowbells and sportsmanMike in the last two weeks, this team will have a say in how the final four shakes out. Big change to play spoiler.

10) Believe The Hype- He was downright giddy with how his fantasy football draft went. It’s pretty good, but I’m not as big a Golden Tate fan as everyone else seems to be. He had great numbers, but was really mediocre in all the games Calvin Johnson played.


Game of the Week

The October Boys vs Love Boat Captains

No contenders really face off against each other, so this is the biggest game in the league this week. With a cake match-up against Allan in week 24, this game could decide if Ginger makes the playoffs or not.


The Final Four




Good luck to everyone in Week 23.