The Early Bird?

Hey gang!

The Super Bowl has come and gone, and another MLB off-season is coming to a close, which can only mean that fantasy baseball draft is fast approaching.

And oh boy, do I mean FAST approaching.

Apparently thanks to some prior commitments by other league members, we are moving our draft to a crazy early start date of March 6th.


Personally I have yet to form an opinion on this. I see it going one of two ways.

-The rankings don’t have a chance to set themselves fully, spring training sleepers haven’t broken out yet, and Average Draft Position trends don’t have a chance to shift around. The more prepared members of the league dominate. The people who don’t put as much prep work into the draft start the year off horribly. Dan’s extra prep work pays off in spades, resulting in his 2nd title. Dan requests we draft early every year.


– Prep work is irrelevant. The early draft throws all your plans into chaos. Your sleepers don’t win jobs out of spring training, and your 7th round breakout candidate is sent to AAA because he had a 7.21 spring ERA. Dan’s first round pick rips up his ACL before opening day. Dan proceeds to kick Dave in the shin. Rays Those Cowbells tumbles to an 8th place finish. Dan requests we draft in mid-June next year.


Maybe I’m overreacting? Maybe the early draft won’t have an impact either way. I guess only time will tell. I’m just as excited as ever for baseball season to start, and I’m planning big things and lots of posts here on in the near future.

Oh, and can I take a second to welcome long lost contributor Dylan back into the fold? It’s gonna be a crazy season with you back into the mix. I hope you come in blazing, talking smack and making deals. Just like old times.

20 days.



2 Responses to “The Early Bird?”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Feels good to be back.

  2. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The team name is excellent by the way. I always appreciate major league references.

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