Back in the Saddle Again

You know what’s better then reading’s Fantasy Baseball Draft day diary? Reading TWO’s Fantasy Baseball Draft day diary!

Big Thanks to Dan the # 1 Rays fan for kicking off our 10th Fantasy season with the recap. Good stuff, and always fun to read!

Except that he is completely, and utterly full of crap with his analysis.

In the immortal words of Jules Winnfield:


My Great Grand Pappy sat me down when I was just a wee foulliner, and gave these two bits of advice to help carry me through my life:

  1. Don’t french kiss a rattle snake
  2. Don’t take to heart the Fantasy Draft day recap, when it’s written by a guy who’s won a grand total of 9 games of the past two seasons.

At the time, the first bit of advice seemed like a no-brainer. The second one, I kept buried into the deep subconscious in the back of my brain. Until I awoke Monday morning and found Dan’s Draft recap awaiting on my phone. I sat upright…breathing heavy. A flood of Dopamine poured over my brain. Synapses were firing at their highest capacity.

I knew what I had to do.

It was time to dust off’s Super-Computer and write my first post since March 20th 2014.

I’m not going to bore everyone with a play-by play of the Draft. Dan has already done a nice job of that. Summarizing the draft that is, not boring us.

Instead, here are my not so Quick-hit observations of the draft:

  • The first round was loaded. We could of thrown the top ten names in a hat, randomly pulled them out, and everyone would have received a great player. With that being said, how the eff does Manny Machado last until # 10. Do you guys want me to win two titles in a row?
  • The more things change, the more they stay the same. I really enjoy that we know each other well enough to anticipate how each other is going to draft. RedRays, October Boys, and Stogies always go Hitter/Pitcher in rounds 1 & 2. Mike is always going to have Chris Sale. Ginger is going to pick the unflashy, solid performer. Dan is going to take the youngest player available. Willis will claim to “panic-pick” most of his players, then end up with a very solid draft. Dylan will overpick at some position.  And, Allan will reach on the preseason favorite for Rookie of the Year. It’s an eclectic group to say the least.
  • Dan didn’t agree with my Johnny Cueto pick in the 3rd round. Stating, ” Dave whiffed on Johnny Cueto”.  Dan in the past has also claimed I “whiffed” on Max Scherzer when I grabbed him in the 9th round several years ago, Nolan Arrenado when I took him in the 4th, and as recently as last year when I “whiffed” on Kris Bryant and his 2016 MVP trophy”.   This is is almost guaranteeing Cueto wins the Cy Young.
  • On the subject of pitching, it seemed like the quality of pitching fell off big time this year after Round 12.
  • On the subject of pitching 2.0: Our very own Dave Valentino A.k.a Stogies, threw out the first pitch at a Rays Spring training game last week. In front of a capacity crowd, Dave showed “good pop”, and a sneaky quick delivery out of the stretch.  We’ll ignore that he stepped on the foul line on the way off the field.
  • On the subject of pitching 3.0. Pitching got so ugly on draft day, I almost took a flier on Dave Valentino.
  • 10 owners in the league, I heard from 8 of them on draft day saying how ill-prepared they were for the draft.
  • The Outfield position got real ugly, real quick. The October Boys  some how, were able to assemble a trio of studs.  The Yankeehaters, and Willisbetheyear not so much.
  • Does Dan realize that 3 utility players may be overkill? Maybe one of those can be used for his RP spot? has to be better than Dave Robertson.
  • I’m already getting an itchy trading finger.
  • The average age of The Redrays OF is 48.
  • The above quick hit is just sour grapes, because Red Rays drafted Anthony Rizzo. I was high on him this year.
  • The Stogies had a deceptively good draft, despite having to draft with his phone while hiding it under the table during dinner.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Dan has done a nice job of keeping this Blog alive over the past few years. He plans on contributing a lot of posts during the season. Please read and comment!

Good luck this season.

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16 Responses to “Back in the Saddle Again”

  1. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well well well….. It’s about time somebody decided to speak up around here. I love this post! You did an amazing job!

    – Johnny Cueto is a good pitcher. He will let you down at some point. You will see.

    – ” Dave makes just such a decision and takes Nolan Arenado #31. I like this pick, a lot! Great home ballpark, elite prospect pedigree. He may hit 30 HRs this year”. This is a direct quote from my 2015 draft recap. I’m not sure how this qualifies as saying somebody “whiffed”? But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time that somebody recently made up stories and “fake news”. I forgive you for this section of, what did you call it? “complete and utter crap”.

    – Completely agree on the pitching. I think I said this to you before the draft, but the pitching this season is boarderline awful.

    -Outfield is so shallow this year. Getting three studs early was a top priority for me. I think I did well.

    – I have two extra hitters, for my infield. I have Bregman and Franco for my third base. Both young hitters with a ton of talent. One of them will pop off. And my second base position is a little on the weak side, so yes, I drafted two of them. One of them being a really talented young sleeper.

    – Please don’t try to claim that you “nailed it” on Max Scherzer. You drafted him for like 14 straight seasons and got burned every year. He was garbage for a long time. If I keep drafting a player over and over, I’m sure I’ll get some production out of him at some point too…

    -This post was awesome! Please keep writing every now and again! Dueling opinions and smack talk, it’s what we need!!

  2. Foulline Dave Says:

    Dan knows a things or two about disappointing pitchers. He drafted David Price, Matt Harvey, and Carlos Carrasco in the first 5 rounds of last years draft. I’ll take the guy (Cueto) with the best pitching coach in baseball, sub 3 ERA, pitching in a pitchers park, in the NL West. Oh, and he was the 10th pitcher taken off the board.

    Dan’s strategy is draft Fangraphs top 10 young players, then spin it so he sounds like he’s the Fantasy Version of Theo Epstein. Yeah Dan.. We all like those guys. We’re just not dumb enough to draft 8 unproven players.

    This is the 10th foul line season. Making it impossible to draft Max Scherzer 14 times. In the instances, that I drafted Scherzer he has been quite good. Unlike the times you drafted Matt Harvey.

    “Dave believes in Freddie Freeman this year, and takes him in the 4th round like a dope”. 2014…. Dan takes Freddie Freeman in the 3rd round. Huh?!?

    I could go on and on discrediting you, Young Dan….but, I have to go dust my Championship Bobblehead.

    Dave ” 2-time fantasy baseball champion”

  3. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh yea…. Because Carlos Carrasco, David Price and Matt Harvey were all horrible picks last year. It wasn’t because they got injured… They just suck. If Clayton Kershaw blows out his elbow on April 16th, that was a horrible pick too.

    I never said Freeman was a bad pick. I said you believed in him. Again, maybe you should actually try reading what I wrote before you start spewing pretend things that I said.

    I’m not sure that “8 unproven players” is exactly correct. Unless you’re referring to Corey Seager? The best young SS in baseball. By the way, you took the 2nd best young SS in baseball, you just did in 9 picks sooner. Good call.

    Matt Harvey sucks. He fooled me, you live and you learn. He fooled a lot of people, including you. You know what’s funny? I traded him to you last year. Thanks for taking my garbage from me.

    Dan “It’s a new season” Mckewen

  4. Foul line Dave Says:

    anytime you can draft a 22 year old ss with chronic back problems, in the second round, ya gotta do it!
    I wouldn’t have touched him in the 10th.
    It’s the the little things that win title(s) Dan…. that means more than 1

  5. Foul line Dave Says:

    Corey isn’t even the best baseball playing Seager is his own household

  6. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You need to stop…. right now. Corey Seager is a machine, and plays for a great team. It’s gonna be an amazing pick, and it was a great spot for where I was picking. He was easily the best player available, at a premium position. These are the picks that smart GMs make Dave. Not taking Carlos Correa 20 picks before his average draft position.

  7. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    And while we’re at families, are you even the best Ingalls playing in this league?

  8. Foul line Dave Says:

    I’m drafting Me in the second round either!

  9. Foul line Dave Says:


  10. Allan Says:

    That was a nice and short draft recap,Dave.

    The biggest issue with Dan’s draft recap is that most of us don’t sit on the toilet long enough to read something that smells worse than what’s already happening under us. You tend to have your favorites when it comes to teams in this league and you show how bias you can be. I would for once like to be mentioned as a member of this elite group of chess player even though I’m more of the jock type. Yea I don’t read all of the issues of MLB cheater guide to championships nor do I stay up pulling my hair out trying to figure why my wife can draft a better team than me while filing her taxes and planning out the month grocery list.

    I trruly feel like I have some pretty good drafts outside of my 2016 what the hell was I thinking draft. I get a bit of the bad luck syndrome and the baseball God’s throwing the injury bug at me.

    So for that, I will do some damage quietly and calmly this year. Enjoy 2nd place!!!

  11. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dave started the tradition of the draft recap, not me. He did the long posts, I simply followed his lead.

    There are no “favorites”. If you made a good pick, I say so. If I think you made a bad pick, I say so. Am I the almighty god? No, like I always say, it’s simply one mans opinion. To be fair, I never said you had a bad draft. I don’t even think your team is bad lol.

  12. Allan Says:

    Your last comment sounds like you’re giving me a consolation prize and I pretty much received nothing. What am I suppose to do with a pat on the back and a giggle, Dan?

  13. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I’m just trying to tell you I didn’t say you’re team sucked. It’s all in your mind lol

  14. Willis Says:

    I drafted David Price and Carlos Carrasco this year! I hope that doesn’t make me an idiot. CBS Fantasy Sports doesn’t think so, giving me an A+ rating in my draft. Also, both draft recaps had me in the final 4. This year did not allow me much time to do any of the research that I have done in years past. I felt very nervous going into the draft and my shaky fingers forced two auto-draft picks that I would not have made otherwise. The Auto-Draft button is directly next to the ALL button and I had been drinking a few beers to calm the nerves. Justin Verlander and Brian Dozier were drafted on my team but were not who I would have taken if not for my nervous fingers. I would have taken Miggy and then Darvish. To tell you the truth, I am glad I had nervous fingers!

    I read both Dan’s and Dave’s recaps and I was so excited to read them. Not because I was in the final four but because I was excited to read what I feel are “Expert” opinions on how everyone did. It is so fun to read! Every year it is more exciting than the last. Thank you Dan for writing and giving your opinion even though you receive harsh backlash.

    Good Luck to Everyone. Last year I did not Trade very often. I actually vowed to a “No Trade Clause” with YankeeHaters! This year is going to be different. All players on my team are available even to “Haters.”

  15. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Willis! Thanks for commenting!

    You’re in the final four in both recaps because Dave and I both realize how good a draft you had. Your team is very good this year.

    I do receive harsh backlash. Genius minds are rarely appreciated in their own time. It’s usually only years later that the truly brilliant are recognized and adored. But your comments and opinions make it all worth while. The feedback is why I write.

    The weekly fantasy recap will be returning this year, every Monday. I’m hoping that Dave will contribute posts throughout the season as well.

    Exciting times are ahead here at Come back and keep commenting!

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