Drinking And Trading, Week 0-3

Three seems to be the magic number of the week.

As in 0-3.

The big story of week three in thefoulline.com fantasy baseball league was obviously the defending champion Yankeehaters finding a way to somehow gag away a 3-0 PSR advantage on Sunday afternoon and choke away a horribly winnable game against Dylan to start the season with the magical 0-3 label.


I’ve been doing some research in the hours leading up to this post, and it seems that no team in the 10 year history of thefoulline.com has ever started 0-3 and went on to make the playoffs. But if you want a silver lining, FIVE teams have started 0-3 and made the NFL playoffs since 1970. Isn’t that great? I’m trying to give you some hope and confidence here, since you seem to have lost yours and keep starting Kevin Gausman over and over.

Elsewhere, a lot of exciting developments transpired around the league this week, so let’s get to the power rankings quickly before Dave loses another game.


Week Three Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear– The last undefeated team and a new number one. Willis put together a really impressive week and fought off a really game Rays Those Cowbells squad. Keep in mind, this team is 3-0 with Josh Donaldson and David Price both on the disabled list. Waiver wire addition Joey Gallo has helped fill the void for Donaldson, but can somebody please explain to me how a player can have a 30 point week with only 5 hits? Regardless, the arrow is pointing up for Willis in what appears to be the weaker division.

2) Stogies– The big mover of the week. Team Stogies put together his most impressive performance since he joined our league and absolutely crushed the formidable Love Boat Captains by 220 points. NL MVP Bryce Harper is the steal of the draft and his OF might be the best this league has seen since my infamous “Braun, Trout, McCutchen” OF of 2012. This team needs little tweaks, a stronger third baseman and one more good pitcher, but the foundation is clearly in place for a run at the league title. Dave V just put this league on notice.

3) Love Boat Captains– Yikes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ginger have a week like this. Hell I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team in our league’s history have a week like this! The LBCs were struggling to crack the 100 point barrier deep into Saturday afternoon. That’s not a typo. It was obviously very ugly, but with this team, you know it’s just a speed bump and not a flat tire. I feel very badly for whoever she gets to take her revenge out on in week four. (Spoiler alert, it’s me).

4) RedRays– A team that appears to be back on track. Put up his best week of the season behind a suddenly surging Anthony Rizzo and the Pirates latest reclamation project Ivan Nova, but tough times may be ahead. Losing Madison Bumgarner the way that he did is a devastating blow. He’s one of the best pitchers in fantasy baseball and was the clear leader of this pitching staff. Could a trade be in the works for the suddenly always silent RedRays?

5) Believe The Hype– This is a tough team to figure out. Allan just had his worst week of the season but got a win anyway because Mike’s team was even worse. I say he’s hard to figure out because it changes every week. Allan has made like 908 add/drops already and I never know who he’s going to start week to week. This team could be first in the power rankings next week or it could be last. It just depends on whatever lineup Allan trots out this week. The most trigger happy owner in the league.

6) Roger Dorn– This team got to 2-1… somehow. Week one is a distant memory for Dylan, as it took a massive collapse from the Yankeehaters to save him in week three and his team isn’t looking good. This team needs more pitching. Four bench hitters aren’t doing you any good, and another solid starter would do you wonders. Clayton Kershaw is going to start twice this week though, so I’ll be watching to see if Dylan can get back some of his week one magic. I will say that the whole league thanks you for beating Dave though.

7) Rays Those Cowbells– A team better than it’s record. I’ve yet to put up less than 280 points in a week and it’s taken great performances from my opponents to get me to 1-2. Eventually, this team is going to have a week where all it’s offensive superstars click and combine for 20 bombs. Not much to say here, better days are ahead.

8) sportsmanMike– So far Mike has sandwiched a great week around two really crappy weeks. Yet another team that needs to add another pitcher, as the injuries are starting to really pile up. 2nd base won’t be the huge black hole it has been though, as Mike grabbed Jason Kipnis off the waiver wire and will slide him into the lineup. Still, you get the feeling this could be one of the dreaded “tweener” teams that alternate wins and loses and jump around the power rankings all year without actually getting anywhere.

9) The October Boys– Lost in the shuffle of the Yankeehaters fall from grace is the 0-3 start of the boys from October. This team needs a serious shot in the arm (Not the one he dropped Starling Marte for) as things obviously aren’t going well early. But seriously though, has anyone heard from Dennis? Is he still in Europe? I’d hate to come back from an amazing vacation like that to a winless record.

10) Yankeehaters– Dave’s fall to the basement is complete. I know I’ve been having some fun with him during this post, but I figure we might as well do it while we can, because you know he’s not going to be down here long. Allan and I keep waiting for the infamous “Dave trade”, in which he fleeces somebody and gets a superstar pitcher for Kendall Graveman and Kevin Gausman, then claims that “they’re the one that offered it to him”. It’s like clockwork, and it’s how he’ll fix his team. It sickens me, but we all know it’s coming. You can’t shock me anymore Dave, you cannot!


Game of the Week

Love Boat Captains vs Rays Those Cowbells

Ginger looks to rebound from her week three beatdown and takes on a Rays Those Cowbells team better than it’s record.


Game of the Weak

The October Boys vs Yankeehaters

I mean somebody has to win, right?


Good luck to everyone in Week Four!


10 Responses to “Drinking And Trading, Week 0-3”

  1. Allan Says:

    I’m not quite sure how I won this past week. Tough break for Mike. I was just glad to go out and get a hard fought victory. My team was holding me back all week. Between Correa’s hand injury,Frazier deadly sickness and Martinez’s inability to keep runs off the board. Nobody seemed to want this win except for Dallas, God and myself.

    We seem to have a tough matchup in week 4 against the other Dave and his PED infested lineup, but I refuse to no believe. Will there be an angel in the outfield? Who knows. But just know….we’ll fight. Cause quitting never got you to the finish line and the finish line is far.

  2. Allan Says:

    I’m sorry…Big Nelly wanted it to. He also helped Cruz us to a win.

  3. Foulline Dave Says:

    I’m 0-3. I never would have guessed that after the draft. I love(d) my team. I felt it was a good balance of hitters & a pitching staff with tons of potential. With that being said, I’ve made a few big trades that I think helped the Yankeehaters. I wasn’t too concerned after starting out 0-2. I “knew” I’d win the next 2 games and be right back in the thick of things. Losing, and dropping to 0-3 was a kick in the balls. I did not expect the epic choke job that occurred Sunday morning. What to do?
    I’ve scoured the waiver wire, and don’t see any upgrades of any significance. I’ve explored a ton of trade options. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Im the owner of a team with a few holes, with even fewer players playing to their potential. I’m concerned, but I’m not in panic mode . Yet.
    I’m not ready to do anything crazy. I may do a smaller trade to upgrade the OF, who knows.
    I deserve to be #10 in the power rankings. I do take some solace in the reality that DAN only has 1 more win than me, so suck it. ( this is when Dan responds that if he had my schedule, he’d be 3-0 zzzzzzzzzzzzz).
    Finally, I’m the biggest loser in the league…..but, I’m having a great time! This league has been a lot of fun this year.
    One more thing….I’m 0-3, but marks my words- I’ll be in the playoffs.

  4. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Your comment is actually reality. I’ve scored more points than the team that beat you, every single week.

    The waiver wire is a horrific wasteland this year, I agree with you. I’ve never seen it this bad.

    I don’t necessarily agree with you when you say you won’t blow it up.

    Allan, your comment was absolutely amazing. Thanks for reading! Team Stogies looks great on paper, but similar to this past week, you might catch them on their “cooldown week”. Good luck man!

    Dan “My worst point total of the season would be Dave’s best by 40 points” Mckewen

  5. Foul line Dave Says:

    Still 1-2.
    Suck it.

  6. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Rather be 1-2 than 0-3 I suppose.

  7. Foul line Dave Says:


  8. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    So my team took a week off, which sucks. But I won’t have to worry next week because, It’s official, whoever Dan Power Ranks #1 will lose the following week! Good luck to he/she for next week. Glad it won’t be me.

  9. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    The #1 power ranking spot is cursed? Hmm…. I may put you there again, just to see what happens! Experimentation

  10. Roger Dorn Says:

    “If there’s two things I trust, its Gallup polls and thefoulline power rankings. Always accurate” – Hillary Rodam Clinton

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