Drinking And Trading, Week Ten

Well that was dramatic.

Week ten had plenty of high scoring and high drama games. Dylan and Dennis had the highest scoring game of the season, and it led to a heartbreaking loss for Dennis. I could be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure Dennis leads the league in 300 point losses. I can remember at least three off the top of my head. He just absolutely has no business being 2-8.

Elsewhere, Allan dropped his third game, the RedRays broke a long losing streak, and team sportsmanMike had another bad week and dropped back to .500. But the real drama, the real excitement, came in our foulline.com game of the week.

I don’t know if anyone was paying attention, but let me set the stage for you. Rays Those Cowbells and the Yankeehaters engaged in all-time classic. It was back and forth all week and all Sunday long, and nearing 7pm on Sunday evening, Chase Anderson’s loss and his -5 points were looming. Unfortunately, It would still have me down 306 to 302. In the bottom of the 8th inning in LA, Corey Seager stepped to the plate with the bases loaded. I quickly ran to the scoreboard to look around, and with Andrew Benintendi receiving the night off for Sunday Night Baseball, this was going to be my final AB. All my other games were final. My week, my win streak record, and a part of my legacy, was all on the young Dodgers superstar shoulders. What happened next will go down in thefoulline.com lore forever.

On a first pitch hanging changeup, Corey Seager swung a mighty hack and ripped a ball deep into the Los Angeles sky. There was never a doubt, this ball was crushed. I must admit I missed his grand slam trot, I was too busy celebrating. Over the years, Dave has humbled, frustrated and humiliated me to the tune of a 2-7 record. It felt amazing to strike back, and deal him some of the frustration he’s dealt me over the years.

This was easily one of the most satisfying wins of my career. To defend my win streak record and prevail over my arch-rival was incredible. To do so with Mike Trout sidelined and my best pitcher going -11 is icing on the cake.

Corey Seager

The hero I needed

The hero I deserved


Week Ten Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear– After several weeks, a new number one has emerged. Willis has won three games in a row, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his winning ways coincided with the return of Josh Donaldson to his lineup, who has absolutely been raking. I’m not exactly sure how Mark Reynolds became the best slugger in baseball, but Willis has always had a knack for finding under the radar offensive studs to carry his already loaded offense over the years.

2) Believe The Hype– Some water finding it’s way into the ship? Allan has dropped two of his last three games and surrenders the #1 ranking for the first time in weeks. I don’t think this little skid is anything to be concerned about. Carlos Correa and JD Martinez had mediocre weeks, and you know that trend won’t continue. These guys are among the best hitters in all of fantasy baseball and have been absolutely raking. Allan still probably needs more pitching, and if he wants to make a deal, he’s got plenty of offensive firepower to choose from.

3) Yankeehaters– Frustration is running high in the Yankeehater camp. Had the all-time winning streak record and a win over his bitter rival in his hands and dropped the ball, and loses for the first time since week three. It’s been awhile since Dave made a trade, and the big trades usually follow Yankeehater losses. I would keep an eye on this team this week, as I expect a big trade to come into our inboxes anytime now. A stud pitcher? A better first baseman? Whatever it is, it’s gonna be a fascinating week for the defending champion.

4) Love Boat Captains– Ginger didn’t have her best week, but adds yet another win over Allan, who has three losses all year, two to the three-time champion. A return to form of Francisco Lindor would help, who coincidence or not, has only one twenty point week since Dave argued with me in week three that he was a better shortstop than Corey Seager. Ginger continues to have faith in Gregory Polanco, who’s ownership rate now sits in the 87% range after weeks of mediocre production. Will Ginger make the switch soon? She’ll need to get more points out of her outfield going forward.

5) Roger Dorn– Dylan continues to field the most inconsistent team in the league, but the good Roger Dorn showed up this week in a high scoring slug-fest in which he needed every possible point to shake off The October Boys. Dylan’s offense absolutely smashed the cover off the ball, rapping out 64 hits and blasting 16 home runs. I’m not a fan of his rotation outside of his dynamic duo of Greinke and Kershaw, and some of the hot starters in his outfield are cooling off, but this is a team that continues to find ways to score high point totals and is a threat to crush his opponent every single week.

6) Rays Those Cowbells– My journey back to the .500 mark is complete. I think my team could be truly dangerous if Justin Verlander and Jacob DeGrom could ever pitch like they’re capable of, and getting Mike Trout back is a must. I’m excited about the rotation boost I’m getting in Jameson Tallion, who is the feel good story of the year coming back from cancer, and has one of the most live arms in baseball. I’m plugging him in right away in a two-start week. Confidence is sky high in the RTC week after my stunning victory over Dave, and I feel like I can accomplish anything right now. I’m locked in, confident, and I feel dangerous again.

7) sportsmanMike– This team needs a shot in the arm. After reaching as high as second in the power rankings, Mike is heading the wrong direction, losing two straight and falling back to the pack. This is a roster with good players who all seem to be slumping at the same time, and it can feel like nothing is going right when you’re stuck in one of those ruts. One of these weeks, Kris Bryant and Nolan Arenado are both going to have 45 points, and he’s going to blow somebody out. I just hope it’s not me.

8) RedRays– The nightmare is over! The RedRays broke a long losing streak this week and had his first good week in awhile. Some good news could finally be on the way for the most snakebit team in the league, as Madison Bumgarner appears to be getting ready to ramp up his rehab and could be returning soon. With a 4-6 record, this team is in no way out of it, and with another win or two over the next few weeks, it’s possible he can survive this stretch and make a bit of a run going forward.

9) The October Boys– There’s no team in the league that scares me more than The October Boys right now. I feel like if you take out the records, this team could be second or third in the power rankings. Aaron Judge is ridiculous, and Gary Sanchez appears to be returning to last years form. Oh yea, and that doesn’t even include Manny Machado, Mookie Betts and Jose Abreu. This team isn’t going to make the playoffs, but if you see his record and think you have an easy win, you have another thing coming. This team is a threat to drop 330 every week.

10) Stogies– Yikes. Probably blew his best chance to win for awhile against a skidding RedRays team. This team is in serious trouble, and with games against the Yankeehaters (twice) and WillisBeTheYear coming up, we could be looking at a team where the bottom falls out completely. I know Dave V knows his baseball and has been known to work magic before, but I’m not sure he can do a whole lot to fix this one.


Game of the Week

Believe The Hype vs Yankeehaters

“I’m going to absolutely crush Allan this week” A direct quote from Dave, who wants to take out some frustration on my good friend this week. I hope Allan wins by 200 points.


Good luck to everyone in Week 11!



2 Responses to “Drinking And Trading, Week Ten”

  1. Foul line Dave Says:

    I’m protesting my shitty loss and refuse to comment on this ridiculous post.
    And, my quote was… “I’m going to crush Allan this week”.
    Dan threw in the “absolutely “. It’s fake news.

  2. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    We all have to lose sometimes Dave. It’s the way of things. You’re still 6-4 and in great shape.

    All protests will be handled by thefoulline.com head writer and editor. Fill out an official complaint, leave it on his desk and he should get back to you with an answer in three to five business days.

    That week was a blast, let’s do it again sometime.

    Dan “I threw my arm out fist pumping in celebration of my win over the Yankeehaters” Mckewen

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