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Drinking And Trading, Week Fifteen

We’re gonna do something a little different this week.

Now that the season is more than half over, rather than the standard power rankings that have become a regular here on, I’m thinking we’ve reached a point where we can decide who is a real contender and who is a pretender.

Lineups locked really early this week, so let’s not waste any more time and get started. It’s the first contenders and pretenders list of the 2017 season!




Believe The Hype

Can anyone stop Allan? Sitting at 12-3 and on a five game winning streak, Allan is off to one of the best starts in the history of our league. With a loaded offense and a pitching staff that keeps getting better and better, Allan is the clear favorite for the league title at this point. But Allan has been in this position before and ruined everything. The biggest question with this team is, will Allan remain patient and not try to blow up an elite team?



Sitting at 10-5, leading his division and fresh off a win against a team on an eight game winning streak, Willis once again finds himself contending for another title. Is this really going to be the year? This is unquestioned “best owner in the league without a title”. Year after year he builds strong teams, and year after year he just falls short. That could all change this year, as he’s going to be hard to take down if his Astros AL MVP candidates both get hot during the playoffs. He just better hope the Astros don’t lose motivation when they clinch the AL West on August 30th.


Rays Those Cowbells

I finally lost! It wasn’t much fun to watch my record breaking streak go down in flames in only three days, but that’s the way it goes in the short week. The book on my team is pretty simple, I have an absolutely loaded offense and a pitching staff that could use some help. I’m hitting the trade block hard attempting to deal for more pitching, and whether or not I can get it done may decide if I’m a title contender or just a playoff team.


Love Boat Captains

You can never count out the three time champion. Ginger has the pedigree and the experience to surprise and steal a title with a team that might not be her best. Trea Turner returning could give this team a late season boost, but Johnny Cueto’s injury and overall suckage has absolutely killed this team. This has the look of a playoff team,  but not a title contender.



The only sub .500 team on the list, Dave makes this list because his roster is clearly better than his record. Can you imagine going into the playoffs with Kershaw, Kluber, McCullers and Darvish in a year where pitching hasn’t been great? Not to mention that you know Dave isn’t quite done yet. He’s going to make another deal, or five, and he’s going to be in a position to compete in the playoffs. Just like he has been every single year we’ve ever done this.




Roger Dorn

This is the one team I struggled to rank. I think Dylan could appear on either list, and my opinion changes on this team every week. I went with pretender because I believe that ever since dealing Kershaw, I just don’t think this team has that one dominant ace that can scare you in any given matchup. Things can change though, and Dylan has proven that he can bounce back all year long. I don’t see a 7-8 record getting this team all that discouraged, and if I had to pick one of the teams on the list to make the final four, this would be the one.



It feels weird to put a team over .500 on the pretenders list, but this team just doesn’t put a whole lot in fear into me. It hurts to have only five healthy pitchers going forward, and that’s what’s going to ultimately sink this team down the standings. This team must deal for more pitching depth, before it’s too late.



Bumgarner is back! But this team is still sinking in the standings and is running out of time. You just take a look at the roster, and this just isn’t a playoff team.



A nine game losing streak is pretty much a deathblow to any chance of competing for a playoff spot, but this roster is good enough to steal some games down the stretch.


The October Boys

Please please please stop drafting all Yankees. Drafting Tanaka to be your ace every year has been absolutely killing this team for a long time. But this is still probably the scariest offense in the league, and if his pitching is even decent that week, he can crush you into submission. This is NOT an easy game on your schedule.


Good luck to everyone in Week 16, and the rest of the way!

Drinking And Trading, All Star Break

Hey gang! Sorry for the no post last week, it was a crazy week and I just couldn’t squeeze in the time to write anything. But this week the fantasy review is back with a special All Star Game edition!

Much has happened since I wrote last. Rays Those Cowbells won their 8th in a row, Allan continues to decimate the league, and Dave is square in the middle of an unprecedented FIVE game losing streak!

The last time I wrote a post making fun of Dave, he followed up with an impressive six game winning streak. Will I learn my lesson? I guess we’ll find out. Let’s do some rankings!


All Star Break Power Rankings

1) Believe The Hype– I feel like if you score 425 points in a week, there should be a totally different category for your ranking. This wasn’t some cheap week either, Allan’s opponent scored 337 points himself and Allan still won by nearly 100. With an offense that mashes the cover off the ball, a pitching staff that continues to outperform expectations, and guys like AJ Pollock returning from injury, This is going to be very tough team to take down. I just hope Allan doesn’t do what he did a few years ago and make seven trades on deadline day and blow up an elite team.

2) Rays Those Cowbells– Eight is great! This team defied the odds, defeated it’s bitter rival and arch enemy and secured the all-time winning streak record once held by fantasy baseball legend Dan Mckewen and his Rays Those Cowbells. It’s an incredible honor to break the record and be mentioned in the same sentence with such a great player. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of a team I’ve put together. This team could’ve folded after the best player in fantasy Mike Trout went down, but instead I went 6-0 without him. I pulled guys like Jeff Samardzjia off the scrap heap despite being ridiculed for doing so, and bought low on good pitchers like Aaron Nola. It feels good after a few down seasons to remind the people of this league exactly who I am. Having said all that, it’s time to return to being humble and working hard at improving my team.

3) WillisBeTheYear– Man this team is scary when it gets it right. His Astros double duo of George Springer and Jose Altuve combined for nearly 100 points, and waiting on David Price has really paid off as he now as an ace for his staff. Rumors continue to swirl that negotiations with the Yankeehaters for Jose Altuve have been going on for weeks, and if he can get a guy like Corey Kluber for him, and still have Brian Dozier at 2nd base? This team may just vault to the top of the power rankings. This is a great team that just feels like one trade away from a guaranteed title contender.

4) Roger Dorn– That really sucked.  Can you imagine putting up 337 points, and losing by 100? Aside from an absolutely brutally gut-wrenching loss, it was an active week for Dylan. He made a blockbuster deal with the Yankeehaters and traded Clayton Kershaw for three solid starters. Some holes were filled on this team with his deal, but it’s hard to find a replacement for a guy like Kershaw. It’s impossible to doubt Dylan at this point though, he’s had a plan all year and continues to hang around near the top of the power rankings. If the season ended today, this team would be in the final four, and he’s got a high enough point total to win some tiebreakers.

5) Love Boat Captains– Doesn’t it just feel like no team in the league has taken closer losses than the LBC’s this year? Another heart breaker goes against Ginger, and she’s sitting at 7-7 with ten games remaining. This is a team you can never count out, but it’s good week/bad week nature is starting to drop her in the standings. It just feels like Ginger is having a season where she’s gonna hang around until the end, but ultimately just fall short of the final four.

6) sportsmanMike– This team is on life support. Two straight weeks of under 200 points has to be some kind of record doesn’t it? This team is a full on mess right now. Offense can’t get it going, and the pitching continues to get absolutely blasted (Jon Lester). Mike has had his fair share of ups and downs this season, and after being counted out multiple times, always went on win streaks to climb back into it. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen this time. I’m officially calling it, this team is on it’s way out of contention and isn’t going to recover.

7) RedRays– Sitting one game back of a playoff spot, and Madison Bumgarner and Dallas Keuchel returns are on the horizon. Things could be a lot worse for this team. I’m still not a fan of this roster, but the RedRays have hung around all season long and will probably continue to do so. Without a doubt this is the scrappiest owner in the league. He just refuses to allow this team to bottom out. Good for you, I envy that, a lot!

8) Yankeehaters– 6-3 feels like a long long time ago for this Yankeehating bunch. I know for a fact that Dave has to be pulling his hair out over this five game losing streak, and he promised me that a loss to Rays Those Cowbells would result in a “complete blowing up” of his team. So this week is going to be entertaining to say the least. But let’s be real here, when Yu Darvish is your 4th best pitcher, you’ve got a good team. This team is going to be in the final four. Write that down.

9) Stogies– A two game winning streak following a nightmare nine game losing streak. Potential spoiler in the second half?

10) The October Boys– What else in there to say? The offense is probably the best in the league, the pitching is an abomination. I guess pitching and defense really do win championships.


Game of the Week

WillisBeTheYear vs Rays Those Cowbells

Two 9-5 teams square off. Will nine be fine for Rays Those Cowbells?


Dan’s True All Star Game Starters


C) Salvador Perez

1B) Justin Smoak

2B) Jose Altuve

3B) Jose Ramirez

SS) Carlos Correa

OF) Mike Trout

OF) George Springer

OF) Aaron Judge

DH) Mookie Betts

P) Chris Sale



C) Buster Posey

1B) Paul Goldschmidt

2B) Daniel Murphy

3B) Nolan Arenado

SS) Corey Seager

OF) Charlie Blackmon

OF) Giancarlo Stanton

OF) Bryce Harper

DH) Joey Votto

P) Max Scherzer


I just wanna say that the fan voting was absolutely amazing this year. There’s not a whole lot they got wrong, and almost everyone who deserved to start got the start. Well done everyone.


Dan’s Home Run Derby Winner

Miguel Sano

All the focus is on Stanton and Judge, but this is the guy who’s going to win it. He’s got crazy raw natural power, and he’s perfectly build for this sort of event. This is going to be Sano’s coming out party on the national stage.


Thanks for reading! Good luck in this short week!