The Days Of Summer, Week Eight

In the few weeks since the last fantasy baseball review, quite a bit has happened. The Yankeehaters finally lost, the bottom has completely fallen out on team Believe The Hype, and a three team race for the Fried Chicken Division is officially underway.

One thing I’ve noticed is the inconsistency the 2018 season seems to bring. One week, every hitter in the league is on fire and multiple teams crack 300 points. The next week, nobody can buy a hit and teams struggle to score all week long. It’s making team evaluations and trades impossible, as week to week you don’t know what you have and you never know if your team is going to show up.

Even though I’m sure things will be flipped upside down next week, let’s get to some power rankings!


Week Eight Power Rankings

1) Yankeehaters– A 7-0 record is over, but it was still the most impressive start in the history of our league. Dave’s elite players have carried this team, as Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander have been among the absolute best at their positions. Any day now you have to wait for the famous “Dave trade” where he flips Jose Quintana and Nomar Mazara for one of the best players in fantasy baseball and further locks up his position on the #1 spot in the power rankings.

2) The October Boys– It’s been a strange season for Dennis, who finds himself at 6-2 and in first place despite being one of the lowest scoring teams in the league. Per usual, he’s got a whole lot of Yankees on his team, but this season, the Yankees are among the best teams in baseball, so by extension, so is team October Boys. As long as the Yankees continue to play well, you have to assume that this team will be near the top of the power rankings all season long.

3) Rays Those Cowbells– It’s fairly annoying that I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for a decade now, and I still make the same stupid, idiotic lineup decisions that I was making as a rookie. But I have finally learned my lesson. Mark down this date, for I have learned! Never again will I start mediocre bum pitchers purely for the sake of having enough “PSRs”. Always start your best team. Period. No excuses. It directly cost me a win this week. It will never happen again.

4) Beni and the Betts– I’ll probably end up saying this all year long, but how on gods green earth did Mookie Betts last until the 14th overall pick? I just want it on record that I was saying the entire time that Mookie was falling too far in the draft, and I begged Dave to take him at 1oth overall instead of Bryce Harper. He didn’t listen, and the rest of the leagues loss is Dylan’s gain. Good for him! Dylan is going to contend all year, and Mookie Betts is going to be a big reason why. One of the biggest second round steals in the history of our league.

5) Love Boat Captains– A four game winning streak follows up a 1-3 start, and Ginger has jumped back into contention. Better things may still be on the way, as returns of Robbie Ray and Johnny Cueto would do this team good and give it the pitching boost it needs to secure it’s status as a playoff contender.  Whit Merrifield is one of my favorite players in the league.

6) sportsmanMike– Write this down, this team is going to be a contender. One of the higher scorers in the league, Mike has taken some really tough luck losses this season. If deGrom can stay healthy, and when Paul Goldschmidt gets going, this team is going to be a force that nobody in the league will want to play.

7) WillisBeTheYear– This team has a roster that isn’t playing up to it’s talent level, and it’s hard to figure out why. He’s got a good, balanced lineup, and a solid pitching staff led by some really good veterans. I still think this team is going to get it going at some point.

8) RedRays– Lost in a game where his opponent put up 220 points, ouch. Having Clayton Kershaw on the DL certainly doesn’t help, but this just doesn’t look like a very good roster this year.

9) Stogies– Had a great week and blasted his opponent. This roster is underrated, he has some really good under the radar elite hitters like Michael Brantley and Odubel Herrera. And pitching staff with Corey Kluber and Noah Syndergaard on it is going to be a threat to win every week. I like this team to improve and win more games going forward.

10) Believe The Hype– Allan’s steadfast refusal to trade for any good pitching has led to his downfall. This could’ve been avoided.


Game of the Week

Rays Those Cowbells vs The October Boys

First place in the Fried Chicken division is on the line.


Good luck to everyone in Week Nine!


5 Responses to “The Days Of Summer, Week Eight”

  1. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    WillisBeTheYear is on the move up the rankings! Going to be tough to beat in the playoffs. Just saying.

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Your team really has been playing better these last few weeks. You’re definitely dangerous

  3. 2018 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    It’s almost that time again boys

  4. WillisBeTheYear Says:

    Lets get our draft order already!! I am changing it up this year, draft strategy(<25, beards, No Rays). Maybe even a New Team Name. Make at least one trade a month which will include at least 2 trades with YankeeHaters even though I always get stomped.

  5. 2018 the fantasy baseball champion Says:

    More trading? Now that’s what I’m talking about!! You have my interest

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