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Ace In The Hole

Playing in fantasy baseball league for as long as I have, I’ve obviously been able to pick up on some owner trends over the years and how they approach their draft.

Ginger will load up on elite bats in the early rounds and hope to grab a few diamond in the rough pitchers later. Dave will mostly emulate the same plan, Allan will use the exact opposite of whatever strategy he used the year prior, and Dennis will load up on every single Yankees player he can get his hands on. Everyone has their tendencies and most tend to stick to them.

You might have to ask Dave or Allan what the book is on me, but I definitely had a plan heading into this season. It took me 25 minutes or so to formulate my entire draft strategy for the 2019 season. I was getting elite pitching, and then I was going to draft more elite pitching. Then when that was done, I might take an elite pitcher or two.

In my opinion, the opener is going to take over Major League Baseball, and the days of the 200 inning workhorse are numbered. The truly elite aces are going to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, and having those dominate pitchers are going to be the difference between winning and losing. I was locked and loaded on my plan, and wasn’t going to deviate from it no matter what.

So naturally, I drafted Max Scherzer and Chris Sale in the first two rounds, and both of them lost on Opening Day. So much for the best laid plans right?

Opening Day quick hits:

-This was the best draft we ever had. Everyone had a plan and seemed to be happy with their picks, and unlike previous years, it didn’t seem to just drag on for all eternity.

-I was stunned that I seemed to be the only person prioritizing pitching, as only two pitchers went in the first 15 picks. I thought as many as 10 pitchers could’ve gone in the first two rounds.

-My desire for Max Scherzer was the worst kept secret of the draft, and Dylan changing his team name to “Max Headroom” before the draft only to take Mookie Betts was a master class in trolling.

-I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get this nagging feeling that Francisco Lindor might end up being the bust of the year.

-The RedRays have EASILY the best OF in the league. Yelich, Springer and Acuna? Yeesh.

-I absolutely LOVED the Yankeehaters first four picks.

-I said Javier Baez would be the bust of the year. He proceeded to mash two dongs today.

-Mike is starting Jurickson Profar at first base. That makes me sad.

-Jameson Taillon in round 11 by team Stogies might’ve been the steal of the draft.

-Or was it Corey Seager by Rays Those Cowbells in the same round?

-Maybe I’m crazy, but is first base the weakest position in fantasy this year? Try to convince me otherwise.

-The Chris Archer trade is the gift that keeps on giving.

-Apparently Dave was mildly upset that I picked Zack Wheeler in round six. I was really sorry to hear that.

-Allan needs an intervention for his Carlos Correa love. And it’s not really doing you any good.

-I heard a rumor that Ginger was absolutely sick about selecting Stephen Strasburg and regretted it almost immediately. My respect for her grows even more.

-Dylan drafted Tommy Pham. If he had followed through on taking Max Scherzer, he might’ve been my mortal enemy this year.

-Speaking of Dylan, I absolutely LOVE the name “Lou Brown”. Simple, yet outstanding. In a league where nobody else changes their team name, Dylan keeps it fresh year after year and I can respect that.

-Andrew McCutchen was one of my favorite players to draft this year. He’ll score 130 runs atop that Phillies juggernaut.

-Dennis taking Kris Bryant in round five is going to end up being a sensational pick.

-I took him about 50 picks before his ADP, but I absolutely had to have Yu Darvish this year. He’s throwing 97 MPH in spring training and plays for an elite team.

-How did Willis get JD Martinez with the ninth overall pick?

-This may be hyperbole a bit….. but I think Luke Voit could hit 40 home runs.

-I think I had the best draft I’ve ever had…. by far.

-And looking at the matchups…. I think I may start 0-2.

So who wants to make a trade?

Thanks for reading, and good luck in Week one!

The Champion of Ignorance

Hey gang, happy Spring Training!

If you hadn’t heard, and I seriously doubt it if you know me at all, I won my second fantasy baseball championship last season over a determined sportsmanMike squad. It was a wonderful season that ended in a wonderful result for me personally.

Unfortunately, that was about the only thing I got right in 2018. I made bad trade after trade, I played terribly, I made stupid drops, and it was only through pure luck that I manged to blindly flail my way into a title. But I know nobody wants to hear about the “poor little champion who thinks last year wasn’t up to his standards”. That’s arrogant, obnoxious and downright douchey. The real reason I’m writing this post is the biggest regret I have of last season, my horrible treatment of my beloved Tampa Bay Rays.

Last April, after a terrible start to the season, I wrote a downright scathing article on the Rays titled “Ray of Nope”. In said article, I destroyed my team, calling them a “disgrace” and “unwatchable”. I tried to tell you they had no young stars, no good players,and nobody had a jersey worth buying. I said they had no direction for the future, and specifically, I targeted CJ Cron, for some reason choosing to unleash my wrath on him in particular.

Well to recap:

-Blake Snell won the CY Young award and had the lowest AL ERA in nearly 20 years. I went out and purchased his jersey. “No young stars, no jerseys worth buying”

-The Rays traded for Tommy Pham and signed Charlie Morton for $30 plus million dollars. “No commitment to short term winning”

-The Rays dumped sorry Chris Archer on the Pirates for three elite young players, and now have a consensus top three farm system in the game. “No direction for the future”

-The “disgraceful and unwatchable” Rays went on to win 90 games in a division with two 100 plus win juggernauts, and have developed into one of the most interesting MLB teams to watch heading into 2019.

-And just for fun, CJ Cron hit 30+ home runs and became our most consistent hitter.

I’m not proud of the things I wrote, and it just piled onto a horrific 2018 where I threw out bad take after bad take. For somebody who loves and cherishes baseball, and takes great pride in his knowledge of the game, it was a very humbling experience.

This is “Dan The #1 Rays Fan’s” public apology letter to the Tampa Bay Rays. I promise to be more patient in the future. I’ll love you always and forever.

Dan’s Spring Quick Hits

-Year after year the pre-draft rumblings are the person with the #1 overall pick is leaning toward not taking Mike Trout.

-Year after year it continues to baffle me.

-I had a blast at a spring training game yesterday with most of crew, and it was nice to finally meet Dylan and Trent after all these years. Everyone has crazy baseball knowledge, and getting together and talking about the game in the sunshine is rapidly becoming one of my favorite activities.

-I badly badly badly want Max Scherzer with the #4 overall pick.

-I don’t think Willis fully grasps how badly he’s owned me over the last few years. Nine straight wins at one point! Maybe he’s just too humble to rub it in. He’s a great dude and an even better fantasy baseball player.

-Dylan made a point of letting me know some of my trade offers are “bogus” and was quickly backed up by other league members. One of my biggest goals in 2019 is to change my apparent reputation around the league.

-Every single player in the league seems to have a different take on the state of certain positions, what’s deep and what’s not. This year is going to be fascinating.

-Charlotte Sports Park has the second best cheesesteak I’ve ever eaten.

-After getting nine beers handed to him from Dave, we had to pull over on the side of the highway so Allan could go to the bathroom on the way home.

-I totally support the “Lugo” and the “Drew” division this season. Two legends of who will live forever.

-Draft day is my favorite day of the year, always. I can’t wait for Sunday.