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Believe It or Not

In this guest post, Believe the Hype’s Allan shares his thoughts on Opening Day, analyzes a trade, and wishes a chicken pox epidemic on unsuspecting MLB players.


Well, the wait is finally over… for some. I have finally decided to go out of my way and write a post, on the clock of course, because I refuse to do this for free. I’m not much of a writer, so please bare with me as you get through what is about to look like an essay written by a 4th grader. That might be giving myself a little too much credit.

I like baseball, I really do. I may not love it is as much as the rest of you guys do, but there is some passion towards the game. I really do enjoy opening day though. Sitting there, wishing you were off work, trying to figure out if the team you drafted is going to live up to the expectation that your trash talk has given out to your friends. Hell, to even know that your team is so far away from even being considered a playoff contender, but inside you get to at least think about what it would be like to win, until your starter leaves in the 6th inning and your bullpen gets a lights-out prison surprise.

I think my favorite part about this year’s opening day was when I decided to trade Kris Bryant to my good buddy Dave for Carlos Martinez and Carlos “my step son” Correa. Of course when Dan found out I was talking to Dave about trading Bryant he gave me a bunch of crap about how “you never trade the #1 pick,” then went ahead and asked me what I’d like for him. Once the deal was in place with Dave he gave me the usual “I have to think about this so I can suck more out of you” talk. I was a little surprised he only gave me crap for about an hour. It usually lasts a few days. But with the season getting ready to start and us wanting these deals to go through before Sunday’s opener, we made it official.

I must say though, when I made the deal, this was the first time I never thought about whether I just flushed my season down the toilet. I was 100% sure I actually beat Dave on this deal. Carlos Martinez pretty much won me the day when he was blowing 99-100 mph pitches past Bryant and his neck was snapping with those swings like he was watching a bee fly past his face.

This is all I pretty much got for the moment and I need to get back to work before I find myself feeling as bad as Dave did Sunday night. Thank you for reading this, and I hope everyone’s team has an epic meltdown this week and the injury bug spreads like chicken pox.

It’s About Time

We couldn’t let Dave write his own champion’s post, so thanks to Dan the #1 Rays Fan for stepping up with this guest post.

Destiny Fulfilled

There is no better, more competitive, more challenging and harder fantasy league to win than

I believe this with all of my heart, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. We have ten of the most committed and competitive owners in all of fantasy baseball. Every year, the gap between last place and first place seems to shrink more and more. Every owner in the league seems to get smarter and smarter with each passing season, and just making the playoffs has become the ultimate grind.

As you look around the league, you can see as owners mature over the years and improve their game. I was a brash, determined young rookie in 2009 who had all the talent in the world, and was looking to come into this league and do damage. What I quickly found out, was that this game has a very cruel learning curve. I lost my last two games, and missed the playoffs, because I wasn’t ready. I needed to feel out this game, and realize the tricks of the trade. I realized this learning curve affected everyone, and felt much better about my rookie season afterward. I’ve come to realize over the years that I was dead wrong.

There was no learning curve, no growing pains for our 2013 Fantasy Baseball Champion, Dave Ingalls.

I’ve never told him this until now, but I’ve always marveled at Dave’s ability to walk in right away and dominate this game. His first season playing fantasy baseball in 2008, he finished with the best record in the league, and as he likes to call it, it seemed like “he was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.” He made the right moves, mastered the waiver wire, and seemed well on his way to fantasy glory. I can say this now, but I never really understood how he could do that. He seemed to know what he was doing, right from day one, while the rest of us slowly came along and figured this game out. It all came so easily to him!  However, he finished just short in the playoffs, losing to Dave McLaughlin and his Boston Braves in the finals. It wouldn’t be the last time the Yankeehaters would suffer a crushing playoff defeat over the years.

Since I entered the league in year two in 2009, Dave and I have gone head to head many times over the years, and for me, they’re always the biggest games of the season. Yet for so frustratingly long, he was usually on top at the end of the day. It went this way for the majority of the league, as Dave almost entered the playoffs as the favorite to bring home the title. It always seemed like he had the best team. Yet he had to sit back and watch his wife go on her legendary three-peat, beating Dave twice in the finals. Ginger’s great teams would step up and play their best ball in the playoffs, while time after time Dave watched great seasons crumble.

I can’t imagine how this must have felt. Doing everything right, building elite teams, and falling short over and over again. It became a running joke around the league, and Dave himself even got in on it after awhile. But I’ve always known it bothered him. He wanted to win the ultimate prize more than anything.

Over the years, we’ve begun to look to Dave as our leader. He writes the posts, he’s the most active and runs website. Ginger is a big part of that, but she’s never really been vocal enough to establish a presence other than the legendary champion. Dave is always there, and we’ve all begun to look at it as being “his league.”

That’s why we’ve all felt that if somebody should win their first championship, it should be him. It felt like some sort of cloud over the league, that its most committed and focal player had yet to win it. We all want to win of course, but it just seemed so strange that Dave couldn’t close the deal.

That all changed in 2013. As usual, Dave built up his great team, and finished the season as the #1 seed. But this time, there was a happy ending for him. He beat me, the defending champion, in the first round, and was able to get the by the RedRays in the championship game.  After 5 agonizing seasons, 3 championship game losses, 5 playoff losses, and a whole lot of jokes at his expense, Dave finally had his championship.

I can honestly say that I’m happy for you. You deserve this. You’ve had the best team consistently over the years, and it’s about time you got to join the champions club with Ginger and me. As the champion the previous year, I officially pass the title of defending champion over to you. Wear it proudly.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the best fantasy baseball league in the world. I’m glad you chose me to write your champion’s post.

Dave Ingalls, the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Champion


We Used to Wait

The premium league (not that we paid for it) is worth it for the early draft positions alone…

Draft Pick Order

  1. chefdicks
  2. Yankeehaters
  3. sportsmanMike
  4. The October Boys
  5. Love Boat Captains
  6. Panda the Hammer
  7. Rays Those Cowbells
  8. RedRays
  9. WillisBeTheYear
  10. King of Controversy

Der Kommissar

Ginger here.

We have the opportunity to switch from the usual free fantasy league to a CBS Commissioner League at no cost to any of you fine fantasy losers (and Dan). The main differences with the premium league are that every detail (roster requirements, point values, transaction rules…) can be customized and everyone gets free access to MLB Gameday Audio (home and away radio feeds for every regular season game). If we use the Commissioner league in future seasons (no promises), we’ll also have league history details maintained on the CBS site, which will be sad, because it won’t include my championships.

It is not our intention to change any of the scoring, roster, or transaction rules. If anyone thinks any of these details should change, let’s chat about it in the comments and see what everyone else thinks.

All this customization would allow us to add an 11th team for our pal Dave (brother of October Boys’ Dennis). Obviously, changing the league to 11 teams is no small thing, so please share your thoughts about it. We think he would be an enthusiastic and attentive team owner who would fit in well with our group. On the other hand, we discussed a 12-team league a few weeks ago, and there were concerns about spreading the talent too thin. Personally, I don’t buy this argument. Sure, you’ll have fewer studs on your team, but so will everyone else. I like the challenge of having to dig deeper to fill out your team. But if you’re scared…

I’ve set up the new league, but everyone will need to join again. If anyone has any concerns or doesn’t want to make the change, let us know. Otherwise, you’ll find the new league at Please go sign up! Nothing will change as far as rules or league size without plenty of discussion here. For now, you’re just signing up for our usual game with the Gameday Audio perk.

If you run into any trouble signing up, send me your email address and I’ll send you an invite with the direct signup link.

Movin’ Out is moving this weekend from Blogger to WordPress. You’ll still find us at, but if you’ve been using to get to us, you’ll need to update your bookmarks. If you subscribe to the RSS feed or get the posts by email, you won’t need to do anything to move with us. There will be some downtime as we make the move, but we expect to be back up with the new site within a day or two.

The new and improved* will include video picks from Dylan, a photo gallery, links to our favorite sites and articles, and shop featuring original t-shirt designs. And, of course, all the witty and insightful baseball commentary you’ve come to expect.

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