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It’s not time to push the panic button…yet

First of all, let’s focus on the positives. The Red Sox played their two worst games of the year, and they are still 6 games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East. The Yankees beat a depleted Sox lineup – no big deal. It’s August 30th and we are in the driver’s seat.

What did bother me about last night’s game was watching Roger Clemens bean Dustin Pedroia in the first inning without any retribution from Josh Beckett. If Schilling was pitching last night, Derek Jeter would be peeing blood this morning after getting drilled in the kidney by a 90 mph fastball.

Another thing, ESPN was making a huge deal about Clemens having a no-hitter into the 6th inning. He walked 5 batters! That should equate to five singles. Clemens’ performance was the ugliest 2-hitter I have ever seen. I guess it’s hard to have command of the strike zone when you have your million-dollars-per-start check in your back pocket.

Look for Schilling to shine today at Yankee Stadium. Saving the Red Sox from a sweep will sound good in his blog tomorrow… and in mine.

These are a few of my favorite things

There are a few things in this crazy world of ours that I truly enjoy, like the sound of my children laughing and going to Disney World with my family. But what I might like best of all is what happened Monday night: I watched the New York Yankees lose 16-0 to the Detroit Tigers.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It use to be you could spend 200 million dollars on ballplayers and assure yourself a trip to the postseason. Those days seem to be over. With a geriatric pitching staff, a manager who seems to be on life support (Seriously, has anyone checked for a pulse on Joe Torre lately?), and the 2007 AL MVP with one foot out the door, the Yankees have come full circle, from World Series champions to league laughing stock. It used to be if New York lost by two runs George Steinbrenner would have a fit in the papers. Now George just takes a few happy pills and dreams of the days when the Yankees were not the second best team in New York City. ESPN has it right. The Bronx is Burning.

Add this to the list of my favorite things: The Yankees watching the playoffs from home.