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Nothing As It Seems

After watching the Red Sox this past week, I was under the impression that their offense was still stuck in Fort Myers. The dynamic duo of Ellsbury and Pedroia have looked lousy. Big Papi is a shell of his former self and has resorted to diving head first into first base in an attempt to get on, and Manny Ramirez has more stolen bases than extra base hits. I’m tired of the 2-1, or 3-0 games. I want the Sox offense to look more like a beer league softball team.

I can understand the Red Sox struggling against Roy Halladay or James Shields, these guys are good pitchers. What bothers me is when Boston’s potent offense is held in check by the likes of Edwin Jackson and Jon Garland.

But all my worrying was for naught. After doing a little research I found that Boston’s offense is right where it should be. Check out these numbers:

Batting Average: 1st in AL
Hits: 1st in AL
Runs: Tied for 2nd
RBIs: Tied for 2nd

The Red Sox also have Man-Ram leading the league in batting average and slugging % and in 2nd in homeruns and hits.

If Boston can only stay healthy for the rest of the year, they have the potential to put up some great numbers. quick hits:

  • After the latest Roger Clemens scandal, it may be time for him to pick up Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson and move to Siberia. America is officially sick of your crap. I can’t see how this guy could sink any lower.
  • staff would like to wish Alex Rodriguex and Jorge Posada a speedy recovery from their recent ailments. Fourth place in the division just isn’t the same without them.
  • Surprising no one, J.D. Drew is sitting out after nicking himself shaving. Or something.
  • Boston faces Blue Jays pitcher Dustin McGowan tonight. McGowan has pitched really well against Boston in the past and has the best sideburns in the league.
  • Dustin Pedroia’s diving stop in the 9th inning of last night’s game reminded me of when he saved Clay Buchholz’s no-hitter last year. D-Ped does not get the recognition he deserves for his defense. He’ll make the All-Star team this year.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Jonathan Papelbon always gives a fist-bump to a Boston police officer when he enters the game? Anyhow, check out this article. It’s pretty cool.

Games People Play

This fantasy baseball league is sucking the life out of me. I can’t focus at work. I’m ignoring my kids. I spend too much time making blockbuster trades in my mind. All with the hopes of winning the prestigious title of “Best GM on”

I’ve been scouring other teams’ lineups trying to figure out their secret formula for success. Is having seven shortstops a good thing? Can my team win without any Yankees on it? Should I have focused on pitchers? Did I over think, and put too much stock in some potential up-and-comers? Should I have just used the damned Auto Draft?

Please help me if you know the answers to any of these questions. quick hits

  • Last night Dice K lived up to his hype. Let’s hope he can do this all year.
  • Has anyone seen the greatest clutch hitter in baseball? He wears #34 and spits on his hands a lot. If found, please return him to the Red Sox ASAP.
  • Attention, Eric Gagne: I guess it wasn’t the city of Boston that caused your woes last year. It’s that you suck.
  • It took all of three games, but I am done with J.D. Drew and his candy-ass excuses for the rest of the year. The Sox should send him down to Pawtucket to “rehab” his back, and bring up someone with heart.
  • I’m not sure how to pronounce Cub’s right fielder Kosuke Fukudome’s name, but he might have the greatest name in Major League history since Rusty Kuntz.
  • Fantasy Baseball causes Attention Deficit Disorder.

Land of Competition

I’m sorry to make this such a short post, but with war room up and running for tonight’s draft, resources are running low. So here are a few quick hits.

  • The Sox split their Japan series with the A’s. Considering that they traveled across the world for this goodwill tour and still walked away with a win, it’s not too shabby. Plus, there are now a million Japanese fans who are part of Red Sox Nation.
  • Maybe it’s time for John Henry to create Red Sox World.
  • Jon Lester consistently pitches well for the Sox, but he always seems to give up a 3-run home run. Hopefully this will change with experience.
  • J.D. drew loves to toy with fans’ expectations of him. He teased us with 7 RBIs in the first two games, then pulled a typical Drew move and removed himself from the opener with “back stiffness.” It’s a long season, he’s going to need to play with a few aches and pains eventually. But why would this season be any different?
  • I wouldn’t take J.D. Drew in the 20th round of the fantasy draft. Dylan can have him.
  • What type of bizarro world are we in when Julio Lugo and Brandon Moss are looking great, and Big Papi and Jason Varitek look like it’s their first day of spring training?
  • Did Manny’s early success at the plate leap frog him into a first-round draft pick?
  • There is still an outside chance the Sox will go 161-1.
  • Did you hear about Jose Canseco’s new book? He claims that A-Rod was constantly hitting on Canseco’s wife. I hope no one tells this to Derek Jeter. I wouldn’t want him to get jealous.
  • Brandon Moss was optioned to Triple A Pawtucket today. Something tells me he’ll be back.
  • I guarantee that I will not pick any Yankees under any circumstances in tonight’s draft.

Just to echo “The Commissioner” Matt McLaughlin, let’s all have fun this season. Good Luck.

Turning Japanese

I wasn’t too excited about the Red Sox cutting their spring training short to travel halfway around the world for a couple of exhibition games. The Sox will have a hard enough time defending their title without having to fight jet lag, and it’s obvious that MLB is trying to capitalize on Boston’s recent success now that they are the best baseball team on the planet. But after watching today’s game, and seeing how excited the Japanese fans were to watch the World Series champions, I think maybe MLB got it right when they chose the Sox to be international ambassadors for baseball.’s Quick Hits, the International Version

  • used the Japanese broadcasters for today’s game. I didn’t understand a word they said, but I still preferred it to Jerry Remy’s incoherent babble.
  • Dice K has proven that he is Japan’s version of Elvis.
  • J.D. Drew has 7 RBIs in two games. He is on pace for 567 RBIs this season.
  • I always found it funny that the Red Sox assign their rookies uniform numbers more appropriate for an offensive lineman or wide receiver. I’m pretty sure that Jed Lowrie didn’t dream about wearing #82 for a major league team when he a kid. I wonder if this increases their motivation to make the team, so that they can get a good number.
  • Jonathan Papelbon was given #58 as a rookie and he kept it, but we all know he has a few screws loose.
  • In an attempt to fix his dismal batting average of the past two years, Coco Crisp is now wearing batting gloves. It has to help, right?
  • The Sox lineup has the chance to be special this year. A batting order of Pedroia, Youkilis, Papi, Manny, Lowell, Drew, Varitek, Ellsbury, and Lugo could wear down an opposing pitching staff and put up a ton of runs. Plus, this lineup gives Francona the flexibility to move players around if they aren’t performing well.
  •’s public enemy #1, Jon Weber of the Tampa Bay Rays, is batting .211 this spring training. Public enemy #2 Doug Mientkewicz of the Pirates is hitting .273 with one measly RBI in 16 games. This just proves that you don’t mess with foulliners. Karma will come back to haunt you.
  • Speaking of foulliners. inaugural fantasy league baseball draft is only three days away. We still have three spots to fill. If we don’t have ten players, the league will be disbanded, and we will never see Dylan chose J.D. Drew with his first round pick. Find a friend and sign them up!! There will be a great prize package for the league champion (me). Email me with any sign-up questions.

Have a happy Easter!

Mr. Clutch strikes again!

It has been over a year since David Ortiz has hit a walk off home run, but there may have been no better time than last night to start again.

Ortiz provided all the offense for the Sox last night, with two home runs and all five RBIs. Last night’s win was huge for the Red Sox. They are now positioned five games ahead of the Yankees, with the three biggest games of the season coming up this weekend.

Big Papi has been hurting all year, suffering from both knee and shoulder injuries. Unlike Manny, Ortiz will play hurt and has been contributing all season. Although his home runs are way down from last year, his batting average is the highest of his career. Over the last few games, it appears that the David Ortiz of old is back.

Ortiz has been on a tear lately, with three home runs against the Devil Rays, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Manny is coming back, J.D. Drew is starting to produce, and the Yankees are in town Friday. This is where the Sox go for the jugular and put an end to the AL East race.

It’s not going to help his injured knee, but it’s time for Big Papi to carry this team.

Just the way they Drew it up…

Last night the Red Sox showed the difference between a good team and a team that is going to go deep into the playoffs.

Boston spotted Tampa Bay a seven-run lead going into the bottom of the fourth inning after a second poor start by Tim Wakefield. Usually this is the time Francona starts to empty the bench and concede the loss, but last night the Red Sox showed some resilience and battled back, with 15 runs in the final five frames to pull out a 16-10 victory.

There were several key players who came through in the clutch. First of all, Julio Lugo came up with three big hits last night: a single, a double, and a steamrolling of Dioner Navarro on a sacrifice fly by Dustin Pedroia in the 4th inning. Secondly, Mike Lowell went about business as usual as Boston’s Most Valuable Player this season with a 4 for 5 night.

Which brings me to J.D. Drew.

I have been pretty vocal regarding the Drew signing. I disagreed with the length and cost of his contract, and I have routinely pulled my hair out watching Drew go through the motions in a horrible season. Last night, Drew may have taken the first steps to turning this season around.

J.D. was 3 for 4 with a home run and four runs scored, but the most important thing Drew did last night was drawing a walk in the 6th inning to load the bases, which was followed by a Kevin Youkilis triple to give Boston the lead. In the past Drew would have either struck out or hit into a double play to kill the rally, but instead he showed poise and the disciplined batter’s eye that Boston was hoping for when they signed him.

If Drew can build on this performance, it will give the Red Sox lineup the boost it needs for the playoffs, and maybe even give J.D. Drew a clean slate with bloggers.

Going postal

The Red Sox mailed it in for last night’s game. Terry Francona put out the worst lineup of the year to face a pitcher that has some good success against Boston.

I don’t know if Curt Schilling pissed off Francona, or wrote something bad about him on his blog, but there was no way the Red Sox were going to win for him. With Manny still faking his injury, and Big Papi taking a game off the to rest his knee, the Sox had absolutely no power in the lineup. Heck, even J.D. was given the day off. Drew was coming off a good series in Baltimore where he had a couple of doubles and several walks. It was nice to see him being selective at the plate and actually getting on base. So why take him out and lose that momentum?

In case you haven’t seen it here is the lineup and batting averages of last night’s starters.

Julio Lugo DH .239
Coco Crisp CF .269
Dustin Pedroia 2B .325
Mike Lowell 3B .321
Bobby Kielty RF .250
Kevin Youkilis 1B .287
Jason Varitek C .261
Jacoby Ellsbury LF .370
Alex Cora SS .236

That was not a typo above – Julio Lugo was the designated hitter for last night’s game. How does that make any sense? He’s batting .239. He was possibly the worst player for that spot. What’s next? Is Doug Mirabelli going to be a pinch runner?

I understand that Francona wants to get guys like Kielty, Cora and Lugo extra at-bats, but not all of them at one time. There should be at the maximum one weak link in the chain… not three!

The race in the AL East is still close enough that every game counts. Boston is up by five games with a big series against New York this weekend. The Red Sox can’t afford to give up games to bottom feeders like Tampa Bay.

J.D. Drew struck out in the clutch? What a relief.

I can appreciate that Terry Francona is well known as a “player’s manager.” Guys love to play for him. He’s loyal to his players, keeps problems in house, and never bad mouths a player in the press. He knows how to manage a game, which is evident by the 2004 World Series. He surrounds himself with good people, like pitching coach John Farrell, who has come in this year and helped turn the Red Sox pitching staff into one of the best in the majors. He has stuck with Julio Lugo and Dustin Pedroia this year even after their horrible starts, and they have both become big contributors.

Here is my problem: J.D. Drew sucks. This guy has been killing the Red Sox this year. He is incapable of producing the clutch hit. It’s like he’s a cyborg that’s wired to only have multi-hit games when the Sox are either playing a really bad team or are up by 10 runs.

This guy is notorious for grounding into a double play at exactly the most crucial part of the game. This week he has struck out with the bases loaded more times then I would like to remember. And it’s not just that he strikes out. I would be ok with him striking out if he actually swung the bat, but he will watch two strikes go by and then on the third strike, he’ll do some sort of weird half chop at it. It never fails.

I was watching the game last night against Toronto, during the 7th inning with the Sox holding to a one-run lead. J.D. was up with the bases loaded and one out. Since I knew there was no possible way that he would get the clutch hit, I found myself hoping he would strike out, avoiding the double play and giving the guy behind him a chance for some RBIs. It’s a sad day when I cheer that he only caused one out.JD Drew is the Tin Man

The other thing is that if J.D. Drew is going to remain in the lineup he at least shouldn’t be batting fifth. Put someone in that slot who has more than 7 home runs and 49 RBIs. Pitchers in the AL have been pitching around Big Papi and Manny Ramirez all year to get to the Tin Man.

Mr. Francona, you really are a good manager, but you can’t change this guy. Some Hall of Fame managers have tried. If Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa can’t get this guy to perform, don’t beat yourself up when you can’t. You’ve supported him this year, and have given him every opportunity to succeed, but this time it looks like the player’s manager is getting played.

What, me worry?

Everyone relax. There is nothing to be concerned about.

So what if the Red Sox were just swept by their most feared rivals? They’re still up 5 games in the AL East.

Who cares that the three best Red Sox pitchers just turned in their least-clutch performances of the year? They were due for a bad game.

Big deal that Manny Ramirez, arguably the greatest right handed hitter of all time, is out indefinitely with a strained oblique. This is precisely the reason we signed J.D. Drew. (ugh)

No problem that the Red Sox had 13 measly hits during the three game sweep. They’ll hit when it matters.

Who’s having doubts now that the Yankees are back in the wild card lead, setting up a potential first round match-up against Boston?

Um… I am.

Game 1 goes to the Yankees

I feel so unsatisfied. The Red Sox just played one of their worst games of the year, and they have no one to blame but themselves. This was the supposed to be the game to set the tone of this series, and the Sox went on cruise control.

What is it going to take to give Dice K more than 3 runs of support? This guy had another solid performance. For nothing. Dice K should be leading the AL in wins, but unfortunately he has a 13-11 record. If the Red Sox were giving Josh Beckett this type of run support, no water cooler in Boston would be safe. But Dice K keeps handling it like a professional.

J.D. Drew played like his usual self. How’s this for a game? 0 for 4, 2 strikeouts, 4 left on base, grounded into 1 double play. Enough said about him. I need to go vomit.

Another thing that pissed me off last night was David Ortiz swinging on the first pitch from Joba Chamberlain in the 8th inning. This is a guy who Ortiz has never faced before, who had just walked Kevin Youkilis. Ortiz strikes fear in every pitcher he faces, especially 21-year-old rookies. He had the advantage here and gave up the at bat. It was just bad baseball all around.

With two games to go in the series, it appears for at least one night The Empire has struck back.